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Shoutout to my man Dwayne, AKA Deascent from the band called The Cold Press. The band also includes vocalist, rapper, and guitarist, Brent Butler, Stevie Kings on the drums, Dan Victor on the base, and Zee Daniels on guitar.

Deascent and I had a chance to sit down and chit chat about why he thinks he's so smart and talented. Lol but seriously though, We talked things like what it was like going from being a guy with bars, to growing into a professional artist and engaging in all these different elements like having song format, the theme of an album, marketing, and collaborating.

We heard about what it was like stepping their game up when it came to shooting videos. We also chatted about how important it was to be around the right network of people and how that affects your music and overall inspiration.

I think you'll enjoy this conversation because the boy is eloquent as fuck.I actually rarely hear such deep insights of what it's like being an independant artist in New York City explained so well and by someone other than the voice in head. It's very insightful and honest. Check it out ya'll


his website -

his twitter - @deascent


A few photo's for you mf's

What is Hip Hop to You?

Come out this Sunday! Enjoy your Sunday dinner at Hell Phone as we discuss the craft and business of Emcee'ing. With Hip Hop being a young past time in this country, we have some practitioners of the craft come in and share their experiences about what behind their content, performance standards, balancing the craft with their personal life, and of course the business of it.


This event will feature live performances. There will be a full bar and dinner menu. This event has been brought to you by WolfSet Productions


Hell Phone
247 Varet Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

ColorPhase Vol 2: Best of Tyquan Sounds

Had to take a moment to shoutout my bro Tyquan Sounds. Been followin dudes music for years and we've been collaboratin for years. I've been DJing and sharin his music so much that I figured I mind as well put out what I consider Best of Tyquan Sounds as part of the ColorPhase series. Hope ya'll enjoy and see what I see. Shoutout to everyone who's on these tracks. Free downloads.

Definitely take this as an example of how you should appreciate local artists in ur life, especially if you actually dig their music. You'd be surprised at how many of us wanna hear it (only if you actually think it's dope tho lol) Rock on.‪#‎HARLEM‬ ‪#‎SV3D‬ ‪#‎WolfSet‬

Featured artists consist of: 
Ohene Cornelius ( ) 
Rue Brown ( ) 
Johnny Voltik ( ) 
Cardan ( ) 
Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky ( ) 
Dom O Briggs ( ) 
Chazemere ( ) 

Producers consist of (that I know of): 
Tev95 ( )
@SV3d - Instagram



Here's a bit of his work:

For My Producers

As an ultimate dabbler, sometimes I like to tell myself that I aspire to be a functional producer. But for all my musician friends, this is really for ya'll. Like many of ya'll are fucking nasty with that shit. I'm actually preparing for something intimate where we invite current and aspiring producers, some equipment, speakers, and just let them trade methods, workflows, lessons learned from mistakes, business models, etc. We'd even let vocal artists in on the conversation, because working with a vocal artist who don't fucking get it can be really annoying, which makes the whole process more taxing. Same goes for the other way around. What would ya'll think of something like that?

Either way, here's a video of Noah "40" Shebib talking about his workflow and working with Maschine and Komplete Control, and what he and Drake did while making Drake's latest album.

Ohene Cornelius: Flight Risk

From the music video "Top of the Game"

From the music video "Top of the Game"

So, we're in Astoria and the home skillet Ohene comes through with Boshia to rehearse for his performance at his album release party (I'll be the DJ). His album is called Flight Risk, which the meaning of he'll explain in the recorded interview, and releases tonight at midnight. It'll take place at Secret Loft in McKibbin. I've know Ohene for years now and it took me a little while to understand him as he's definitely not the most typical you'll ever come across. I told him that he makes it difficult for people like me as a listener, because I try to be all positive and pro-black, and sometimes he says the most niggerish stuff I've ever heard, but then right after that, he'll say the most profound bar, which leaves me conflicted. So, I guess it's mission accomplished on his part. 

The Movie Kickass

The Movie Kickass

Dude is a Harlem native but has been all over, and is also a model, stand-up comedian and actor. You either seen him in stuff like that Kickass movie, or as one of the models in Yeezy Season 3, or in that new show, Blindspot. Either way, he's my dude, and we're both from Harlem, so it's always good to chat with someone who get certain references or types of humor. Anyway, he, Boshia and I go through the motions and lay out what everyone wants to do and how, and I notice that this is something that I find peculiar about Ohene and respect about him. Because like although in his music he has like the most untamed vibe and he can be offensive as shit, whenever I've worked with him, he's always been very direct, communicative, respectful, and generous. We've worked on numerous things together and that always stood out to me. Anyway, I have to finish getting ready, but I wanted to give ya'll a quick insight on what's happening tonight. It's $5 if you get there on the earlier side, and $10 if you come later. The set rundown is as follows. Shoutout to Alex, Lily Wolf and The Secret Loft, Ohene, and Brooklyn Wildlife.

Boshia Rae-Jean (soul) - 10
Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky (cerebral aggro rap) - 10:20
Lilly Wolf (synth pop) - 10:40
Shane MauX (hip hop) - 11:10
Brent Butler x Deascent (hip hop w/ guitarz) - 11:30
Ohene Cornelius w/ J_theGodis, and Ali Fahrenheit (hip hop) - 12

DJ Que Cee on the 1's and 2's

Presented by:
Secret Loft
Reels Of Thumb Editing Solutions
Harlem River Yacht Club

$5 early, $10 late

Meet Daaimah

Hey, so I have a friend whom I met one time whom I met at a show that my girlfriend brought me to. It was a performance event that was hosted by The New American Theatre Company. After learning about her, I have realized.....that this woman is friggin inspirational! mad talent, she's an art nerd, she's pro black as hell, and she works hard. You're pretty much part of my family now, Daaimah lol OK, anyway, she told me a bit about her path and journey and pretty much what she stands for, and that right now she's working on something that I found really interesting. I'm almost totally sure that I have friends who would want to know about it, so here we are.


Hotel Harare is an experimental play set about a woman who returns to Zimbwabwe after being in America for a few years. Everyone is excited to see her and has many questions about her trip to this magical land and they want to know if it's full of freedom like it says on TV (right?). Another fun fact, is that the main character is connected to a wealthy family and somehow, she does something that takes them into a new territory and puts all that at risk. I'm actually very curious about how this would all play out, because I don't know about you, but with me....just don't play with my money and fortune. That's all I'm sayin. 


"Hotel Harare takes an unapologetic look at women of the born free generation in Southern Africa. Hotel Harare asks what happens when you get your freedom and you find it’s not what you imagined."


The play was written by Daaimah, and directed by Shariffa Ali. They'll be having a workshop presentation at JACK from Feb 11th-13th. JACK is a multi-discplinary performance venue in Clinton Hill. Right now, they are interested in securing funds to help them produce this piece to be all that it can be.



If you would like to support:

  1. To get tickets, click here, or visit
  2. To donate, click here or visit
  3. If you're REALLY about that donation life, click here, or visit visit

*all donations are tax deductible




DAAIMAH MUBASHSHIR (Playwright) is a New York City playwright whose work has been seen at Fire This Time Festival, Manhattan Rep. Theatre, The Play Rise Festival and a number of theatres in Chicago. Full Length plays include Rum for Sale, Night of Power and Clay. Other Theatre work includes Associate Curator of the Bushwick Starr Reading Series, Playwright in Residence at The New American Theatre NY, Associate Director: generations (Soho Rep) and Invisible Hand (NYTW). Other current projects include Everyday Afro Play, learn more at



PHUMZILE SITOLE(Minana) is a South African born and bred actress, writer and voice over artist currently based in New York City. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town before leaving for New York to complete an MFA in Acting at Columbia University. Phumzile has worked on stages such as the Market Theatre in SA and has recent works include playing the Stage Manager in Our Town directed by Tyne Rafaeli as well as touring with a production of Antigone directed by Gregory Mosher where she played the lead role of Antigone in Kenya and SA. She has worked as a voice over artist for many years, from commercial television to radio ads with clients such as KFC, Nike, Dettol and most recently had her voice feature at the UN Summit Opening Ceremony in a short opener for the HumanStory. Visit: for more.

SHARIFFA ALI  (Director) is an Afropolitan theatre maker committed to working internationally at the intersection between performance and humanitarianism. Recent collaborations include MotherStruck! (The Culture Project) Folktales  (Invisible Crown Productions), The Odyssey (The Public Theater), Rasheeda Speaking (The New Group), Live from the Surface of the Moon (Stable Cable Lab Co), The Winter’s Tale (The Public Theater), Ubu and the Secrecy Bill (Aardklop Festival, South Africa) Shariffa serves on the organizing committee of Africa’s Out, an initiative founded by artist Wangechi Mutu aimed at providing vital support to the East African LGBT Community. Performance/live art commissions for the Gordon institute Creative and performing arts in South Africa (GIPCA) include Strand (2012), Land (2011) and Chroma (2011).  Follow her Instagram @chocolate_tart.


SHYKO AMOS (Chengeto) US Credits Include: Familiar at Yale Rep directed by Rebecca Taichman; Generations at Soho Rep directed by Leah Gardiner; Brandon Jacob Jenkins OBIE AWARD WINNING production An Octoroon at Soho Rep; Gin Baby at IRT directed by Daniel Talbot. Cell at EST One Act Marathon directed by Jamie Richards. UK Credits Iclude: Mamma Mia - West End and World Tour;  In Time  at The Almeida Theatre; The UK Tour of Once on This Island and Anansi for Talawa Theatre Company.Originally from the UK Shyko Amos has a BA Hons. Politics Degree from Queen Marys University of London an MA in Musical Theatre from The Guilford School of Acting and is a graduate of the 2 year Acting program at William Esper Studies under the tutelage of Bill Esper. She is a proud Artist Member of EST

Keep an eye for other developments on this. We are currently discussing have a panel event to explore ways that other people of African descent use art to educate their brothers and sisters in this society we live in. Feel free to reach out if you are curious and have any questions about that. We are always interested to talk about that and are always looking for potential panelists and guests as we want to connect with as many people who would benefit from this as possible. Even if you're just curious.


Written by Quinton Counts



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It was all a dream: matt oglivie

Sup ya'll? How you been? How's the lil bro? Smh he bad as hell. Anyways, welcome back. I'd like to share an interesting interview I had with my friend, Matt Oglivie. For those of you who know him, it may be from his work with Upcoming Hip Hop, which is a blog that is designed to support up and coming artists. They have stuff from shared new music, to interviews, events/showcases, contests, album reviews, written blog entries, and more. I know this guy, and have met some of the people on the UCHH team. They also offer PR services. I'm not gonna lie, they basically cover the full spectrum of anything related to getting your music in the hands of the people and even help you further understand your market position and help you keep track of who's actually engaged with your work. That way you know who to cater to.

He told me how he got into what he currently does and what that experience has been like, and his story is kind of an interesting one. It all began with him just storing music online to keep track of music that he liked. Then he began sharing it, then he started lil competitions that involved emcees and producers. Great partnerships would happen as a result. Then, something sparked and he decided that he would ride this out and see how far he could thing you know, he quit his job and is living 100% off his craft. And he works with a passionate team of artists. One of the reasons I like his story is because it shows you that everyone who is doing stuff like this are still human, and these cool things that they are doing roots back to something that we all can relate to. All he did was let it manifest into something that more people can be involved in and inspired by. And that's real. Everyone who's in it aren't cut from some special cloth, they just tap into their interest and find different ways to manifest and express that. It doesn't always have to start off as some mission to get rich and objectify everyone's attention and talents because that's creepy. It just so happens that you can do what genuinely interests you, be willing to put in the work to make it grow and figure out different ways you can put it to work based on your environment, get it popping, and you'll be surprised at how you can actually start to make a living off of what you actually care about. Be well ya'll and shoutout to all of you who are contributing to the independent art scene and building the culture. This drink's for you.

The UCHH Crew

So, definitely check out this interview, and give his website a look and subscribe. Many people on my network either know him, go to his events, or are involved in UCHH in some way. There's a reason. Find out.

Written by Quinton Counts

Made for Artists and Filmmakers, by Artists and Filmmakers

Sup ya'll? How you doin? You good? How's ya momma n em? Nice.  Anyway, I'm kind of here to tell you about a nifty lil site I came across called KitSplit. Don't worry, I'll you the basics of how it works.

So, have you ever wanted to like rent some film equipment, but companies usually charge a lot or at least expect your debit card to have the entire amount on it in order to be cleared to rent it. Pretty stupid, right? Like, if we had it, we would have just bought it! Or, do you have equipment, but you don't use it that often and you could actually use a few extra bucks? And yea I get it, it's scary to just pass your gear off to some jackass for a few dollars because they could drop it somewhere and you have to turn into Joe Pesci just to get your money back and possibly even ruining a friendship. I get it, and apparently, so does KitSplit.


Like, you could go big and rent a Red Dragon camera for $800/day or a Canon T3i for $25/day. It's like an AirBnB for people who want to rent gear or rent out film gear - from the small stuff to the epic stuff. What I mean by that is that if God forbid anything happened to your gear, you're covered by their insurance and they would deal with situation from there.


So, the basic idea is that they are pretty much connecting people with the gear and mediating that whole process. What's also cool is that the prices actually aren't all that bad. I've seen cameras going for like $15 per day. I've seen people who don't make much spend more than that arbitrarily, so here's something that it could be used for in a constructive way. And no judgement here about that. Like, if you have but so much left over from your check after bills and you're not some investment &saving guru, it can be challenging to actually answer the question of "so, wtf CAN I buy with what I have". I think the peeps at KitSplit understands also.


All the equipment and stuff is categorized and on the side of the screen (similar to Amazon or something). You choose the category from things like cameras, camera kits, lighting, sound, all the way to things like editing studios. Yea I said editing studios. You can rent out your space to be an editing studio! You can sort everything by price or whatever criteria, and the support team is actually really responsive. They are currently based in NYC, but definitely feel free to make a posting for whatever area you live in.

I'm sharing this, because I want to live in a world where more people in my community are able to access the information and resources and people needed to reach their goals. We all win that way. For all I know, you and I might end up working on a film project together and will be using this site to get what we need. Or, I might end up renting from you here somehow. See what I mean?

The Founders

KitSplit Staff.jpg

So, take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Written by Quinton Counts

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Max Marshall - Your Love Is Like

Yoyo, just wanted to share something dope with you right quick. This is an artist I came across on the Majestic Casual Youtube page, which is basically a collection of laid back cool mash-ups. That's how I came across Max Marshall. There was a mash-up of her song "Your Love is Like", and it's a favorite of mine even ovr a year later. One day I decided to find out if this person had any live versions of this song, and after a while, I found this acoustic version of it. Definitely enjoy this funky and genuine song that has a geniune feel. It's like naturally good without her trying to reach for any gimmicks. Really good. I've included the acoustic version of that song I mentioned, the original version below it, and as a bonus, I've included another song by her that I dug. Enjoy :)

Here's another quick bonus ;)

Written by Quinton Counts

Super Fun Show, with Learning

I'd like ya'll to meet my home boy Adam Strauss. He's from Berlin. Not like the country Berlin, but Berlin, Vermont. Yea he's my boss at Pushcart Coffee, which is dope for plentyof reason (I'll get into that though). This is where I'm going to talk about Adam and his passion for music and espresso. So anyone who knows me, know that I ask mad questions and love finding out that people are artists on the low.

Adam trained me to be a barista, but he's also the guy who also goes to the countries to meet the farmers and even looks at the beans to buy for the shop. They're really involved. But apprently, this guy had a previous life of being a badass sound engineer working for big names in the industry, and is now the co-producer of a cool show with his girl friend.


Let me tell you why you need to know about this show. I mean, the guys story and philosophy is worth knowing already, but what they do with the show is sort of an adult Sesame Street (imagine a sort of a Robot Chicken show that teaches you important stuff like how to apply for food stamps (now called SNAP). He does a lot of the sound mixing right on the set as they get footage, and it's a mix of using actors in front f a green screen, CGI-ish stuff, and animation. 

This particular show, for example, is about how TV kind of takes over your brain in a way and influences your decision making. This is even though most of us like to act macho and thing we somehow can defy anatomy and that we're above that process happening. It's happening, bro. Anyway, this particular series is about main character, who teams up with one of the neurons in her brain to ask other neurons for instructions on how to go about getting food. The bad news is that each of these neurons were hi-jacked by data from the TV, so the only advice she gets is in the form of TV scenarios from shows she's watched. Like, the neuron would tell her to take over some kingdom. The plots would be all jumped together too,  mixing familiar shows together in a hilarious way. I'm sure my description isn't as epic, so just watch the shit.

Adam also talks about how he went to school for engineering and worked in large and small studios and what those transitions were like. He told me about how the industry has changed for sound engineers and what he's done to sort of adapt to the game and get creative as far as how and where to apply himself. He had done an indiegogo for the show and talked about how that was such a big project and basically had to be the teams focus for many months, but it had really paid off, but it was so worth it. Like, you can see the difference between the episode about SNAP and the one about the effects of TV, which was kind of like watching that 1992 movie "Stay Tuned". I'm sure nobody under 20 remembers that shit though. I ain't mad.

Finally, I want to chime in on the segment where we talked about his role in running a relatively new coffee business called Pushcart. They have a location in Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Downtown Manhattan, and a sister company named Bustler in Midtown. What I like about Pushcart besides the  fact that the company was founded on the genuine appreciation of the coffee shop experience and how it can have an impact on people in ways that you can under estimate. Adam actually became a barista after stepping out of the music scene and found what became another passion of his, which is coffee. But he made it really clear that it didn't replace his passion for music. He actually strongly suggests any artists that have to get a side job that they either make a real effort to get a passion for that work, or really realy make an effort to make their side job something that they happen to be passion about. He said that it helps opposed to coming to work and trying to get out as soon as possible, and hating being there. I actually second this, you would be surprised at how getting passionate and thorough with your work on the side and actually help you be happier, opposed to thinking you're keeping a good balance in your Bank of GaF (give a fuck). Anyway, enjoy the podcast and feel free to reach out to either Adam or myself with any questions!


Written by Quinton Counts


After the Visual Arts Panel

Ok, for one, let me just say that the panel was fire. Everyone came on time, my man Brent Butler looked out with the drinks, so everyone got tore up. But not so tore up that the vibe was disrupted. It was like a happy unhibited but considerate tore up. the performers came through and really killed it. Chris Carr came through with the bars, Joi came through with the bars. And for those who don't know, she freestyles all of her poetry and is phenominal. After that, we went right into the panel, featuring Chris, Joi, Nyssa, Morgan, and Jose. We got right into certain topics. I mean, for a good portion of the talk, I was getting a lil trampled as I tried to moderate, but I didn't mind because these guys were sharing some cruicial shit. Some of the topics consisted of advice for artists when they are dealing with curators, what to do and not do when working with a curator (like, be on time, communicate), and more crucially, Nyssa stated that opportunities are more accessible than ever these days. As an artist, you can literally walk into these galleries (or her gallery) and tell them that you would like to work with them, and they'll say yes!

We covered areas like how Joi come across the idea of making great art more accessible to the people who want to buy by allowing them to make a silent offer. This speaks volumes about how much is possible on both the cultural an economic level in our local community and realizing that mainstream entities aren't the gatekeepers of culture. We can do things ourselves, with people we know and love, people who makes stuff and we personally know some of the things that might have inspired it. We can hang some of those pieces on our wall and know exact what statement is being made with that piece. We can say "yeah, my friend made that". This can be our way of making up for the time we aren't able to spend with that artist. There's so much to be said about what went down at this panel discussion, so I'll just leave it here for you to listen to.


So in between the breaks, we also had Elsz perform as well as Mike Tedesco. Elsz actually came through with a friggin amp-powered harp and a laptop playing beats that she made...epic. Very melodic, emotional, and gripping. We were all audiences in a 3D movie as she did her thing. Mike Tedesco came by right after another performance with his electric piano and made Elton John look wack (lol maybe not but you get the point) Dude can sing his ass off, and he's classically trained to play the piano, but he's more interested in finding ways to engage in the world of other performance arts and making it feel more social than what's common in the typical classical piano world. So yea, it was dope. Then 10:45pm hit and we commensed with getting everyone the eff out (in a friendly way of course) and we were actually succcessful lol. One of our artists (Branson B.) sold two pieces that were sold via "silent offer". Check below for a quick picture gallery of thhe art and how the event went overall. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Written by Quinton Counts

95Labs Vol 2 Compilation

Me and a few really good friends collaborated for a compilation piece, which was orchestrated by Tev95 of 95Labs. I have a joint on there with Rue Brown called Bring It Back (Track 2). This was really cool because I very much have an affinity for the peeps on this. We've all seen each other grow as artists and people. Some of us left NY and some of us went abroad all in the name of expanding as professional artists. Tev and Shottie went back down to Miami, Johnny Voltik went overseas and developed an accent, so it was cool to do this again. 

Here's the tracklist:

1. JTronius, Johnny Voltik - Light In The Dark : Badadadang! 05:03
2. Starr Busby, Ohene Cornelius, King Yorkie, Jenny Wren - Deity 04:09
3. Crimdella, Jadon, Precious Gorgeous - Black God 04:52
4. Que Cee, Rue Brown - Bring It Back 03:35
5. G.R.A.M.Z, Dirty Turk - Magnetic 02:26
6. Shottie - USA UFO UAV UANO 03:53
7. Ohene Cornelius - Take Ur Picture 02:45
8. Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, TYQUAN SOUNDS - Livin With Rats 02:52
9. Crimdella, Ohene Cornelius - King Jaffe Joffer Lion 03:13
10. Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky - He Told Em 03:03
11. TYQUAN SOUNDS - 1500 : Oh Thats My 04:55
12. Rue Brown - Cosmic Air 02:21
13. Ohene Cornelius - Make Hits 03:17
14. G.R.A.M.Z, Shottie, Dirty Turk - Tour De France 03:08
15. JTheGodIs, Phase One, J. Hoard, Jadon - Open Air 02:56
16. Chazmere - Confessions To A Passenger 02:44
17. DJ Tropic - 95Labs Megamix 08:17
18. Rue Brown - Ritual 261 04:33
19. G.R.A.M.Z and Dirty Turk - Paper Bills 02:22
20. Ohene Cornelius - Top Of The Game 03:56

One Year Up: Gotham Sharma

So, for those who don't know, I worked as a computer technician for about 6 or 6 1/2 years. Very beneficial experience and was totally the result of going to a program by the name of Year Up, and intensive training program that gives you essential soft and hard skills and put you into an internship with a fortune 500. This is all this giving you college credits and paying the student. Yea, the student doesn't pay for this - the program pays the student. There are sites and alumnus all over the country. The model of this program is sure to literally change the job market and how we look at education in general. It's a very big deal. Anyway,  I'm pretty sure I didn't do the program enough justice with that explanation, but seriously, check out the site.

A fellow alumnus of this program, Gotham, has been an active alumni for years, and is a seasoned young I.T. professional. He and I sat down and spoke about some of his experiences before, during and after attending the Year Up program, as well as his experience starting his own tech business. 

Part of the mission behind posting this discussion is to create more of a platform for alumnus to share experiences, which is important due to the major changes that happens in all of our lives after graduation - the kinds of experiences that you won't find in a textbook. That kind of insight can be very valuable in the new lives we're creating for ourselves and each other. We are often the first person in our families and/or communities to pursue the tracks we end up in. Please check out the program website and share with anyone who you think may find it interesting.

Brooklyn Visual Arts Panel/Forum here we are...back where we began. Earlier this year (January '15), we did a curator panel, which had a really god turn out. Not in the sense of the superficial success of the event, but people were really impacted by the contact, meaningful connections were made. These connections consist of people who collaborate and are good friends this day. From there, we did the same thing for the film industry, and then we revisited the curators topic.

So here we are...back to make an attempt at diving into the word of what it's like to be a visual artist community/industry or a professional of another type, but within that same context. We'll have the notorious Chris Carr from Brooklyn Wildlife, who is a well-seasoned photographer, and Jesse Lappin, who is a collage artist who strictly uses encyclopedia images and had even started a very active collective. I'll give you a run down of all these guests below.

But the purpose of this whole thing is that I'm a nosey mf, or the more polite term, a student of the game (referring to art and community stuff and the dynamics). In reality, I'd be asking these panelists these questions and having these questions with or without an audience. So, I figured "why not let other people into the conversation who could also benefit from this?". So, the first portion will consist of a moderated panel discussion, which will then open up into a forum discussion. In between that, we will have a few breaks and live musical performances and of course free drinks. The more the merrier, so if you would like to sponsor this event in any way, please feel free to reach out. We also encourage donations, which will go straight to the generous venue hosts.

So now about the performers

Elsz (from Sri Lanka) 

SUBSCRIBE ABOVE :) An audiovisual insight into singer/songstress ELSZ's upcoming album, Blue Scar. An album promo by Rehan Mudannayake // Music Written and Produced by ELSZ | An Odyssey picture | |


Nyssa Eva-Frank: The Living Gallery

Interview with Nyssa of The Living Gallery

Alright, so, I've been running through Brooklyn's art circuit for years now, right? And every now and then, a friend of mine would be hosting an event or party at a place called The Living Gallery, and sometimes, I would could come through. It was always something completely different and peculiar and with a cool crowd of people whom I already knew, or would soon know. There was even a time where I took this photography class (hosted by my friend, Chris Carr) and then an organic cooking class, which was at a separate place called Living Gallery. I never really tried to connect the dots as to why I was at these two different places that had the same exact name. I was like "whatever". 

Then, next thing you know, my boy Chris was hosting a forum discussion there. I don't really remember the exact subject matter, but it was a really engaging convo (and there was free wine and art...imperative). That was when I really met Eva, who was also in this sort of panel discussion, and that's when I was initially curious even though I didn't know she actually owned the gallery. So after being facebook friends for some time and seeing all the events that she has been hosting at her space, I realized that I absolutely have to interview. Like, the events and gatherings and shows weren't some arbitrary things that were going on. This was some really thoughtful stuff and included things like people coming together and actually making action plans on what to do about gentrification and how to get the community together in general.

I've always admired from a far, so let's just say that this interview was really my excuse to catch up and seeing what's really going on with this woman. We were accompanied by the infamous Jose Castillo, who is also an all around artist and organizer and producer. He and I were supposed to connect anyway, and it was just awesome timing that this was also about to go down. We showed up and Nyssa was preparing for a solo art show for Maximillian Mueller (IG: @MuellerStudios). So he was doing his carpentar work in the background while we were chatting. Either way, Enjoy the interview and the photo gallery that includes some stuff that includes shots of Nyssa, the events at the gallery, and some of Max's work. Maybe you can go through the photos while you listen. Ok, that's it. Peace, bruh.

You can find out more about Nyssa and The Living Gallery by visiting the site or e-mailing them ( You can inquire about renting the space and even ask for event management services. Among many things, she also hosts a drink and draw every Wednesday. I have a few friends that go there and I hear good things about it. Here's vid on pretty much what goes on there. Enjoy!

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221


If you know me and you appreciate what we have going on, your love and support is highly appreciated. We are also accepting monetary donations.  We sacrifice a lot of time and money for this stuff, so literally every single cent is appreciated. No pressure though!


Final Thoughts: We understand that you can't make it out to everything. You may not even be an artist, or you don't go to many events. That's OK. Even you even knowing about SOME of this stuff, or you just keeping us in your hearts and thoughts when you're not occupied by day-to-day living and handling responsibilities...even that means something and contributes to the fight of upholding our culture and keeping it in the hands of the people #WolfSet

The Nebraska Jones Experiment

Ok, so I'm not much of a blogger yet, so pardon me if I leave anything out. So, I've never met this woman in person, but while I was going through Chris Gman's (who is into cinematography) vimeo page, I had bumped into a really dope live performance by Jessie Davis, who's part of the Nebraska Jones Experiment. And let me add that this is also after watching a video that Chris recorded of a dope jam session lesson. That's right, someone was teaching young musicians how to have a jam session. But that's on an other note.

Anyway, I really like this video, because it feels really human, I listen to it while I work. I've been listening to it non-stop over the past two days. It's a perfect mix between laid back and exciting, because it has a surprisingly bouncy tempo and snare usage. I also like that she loops her voice into being the beat that she sings on, along with the beautiful collaboration with the other musicians.  I suggest you watch this video all the way to the end. I know that people have the habit of letting something rock for 10 seconds and then switching if it doesn't absolutely grab them. Nah, watch this all the way through. Even close your eyes, all that. Turn this on and relax for 5 minutes. Thank you

Jessie Davis is a Brooklyn-based artists. In 2012 who took the subway stations, streets, and dive bars looping and singing and covering songs with a whole new vibe. The Nebraska Jones Experiment is an artist collective that sprouted from that. There's all sorts of music artists involved and add their own thing to the mix. They are recording a 4-song EP. It features Mark Bell on drums, Jordan Peters on guitar, Junya Yamaguchi on keys, and Antoine Katz on bass. Engineered and mixed by Matt Shane, vocal production by David Engelhard and Jessie Davis

She does a monthly residency and jam session at Brooklyn National, and she's at Bedvyne-Brew every second Tuesday. At both situations, there's a bunch of guest artists. She also teaches with an organization called Urban Art Beat, which is an organization designed to mix art with education. They link real artists with public schools and community centers and have them volunteer with children and be mentors.  But I'll cover this in detail in another post. It's so dope (seriously)> I've mentored with them in the past, and they are LEGIT.

I also must mention that Jessie is currently in the middle of running a fundraiser to support creating that EP that I was telling you about, as well as to create a music video for the song "Black and Gold. Please, for the sake of supporting genuine artists who clearly loves what they do, definitely at least take a look through the link below.


Til next time mf's ;)

Written by Quinton Counts

Bring It Back

Yup, I kinda made a new record with Tev95 of 95Labs and Rue Brown. It's pretty much the one I referenced in that post about Jadon. Yea man, we kinda snuck it in as a summer joint even though we're getting some nippy days here and there. Either way, this is something for you to at least have a little bit of summer with you even through the fall and summer. This song is to be featured in my next tape. 

Thank ya'll for all the love thus far, and don't be too shy to either reach out and holler at me, ask about ways to help, or even donate.  Feel free to subscribe also!


Inside the Mind of Chris Carr

Photo taken by Amerikana Media

Photo taken by Amerikana Media

Interview with Chris Carr of Brooklyn WIldlife, part 1

Interview with Chris Carr of Brooklyn WIldlife, part 2

So, yea, I was hanging out with the home skillet, Chris Carr. Some of yall already know him as the guy behind Brooklyn Wildlife. Pretty hard to explain exactly what it is, but it's pretty much affected a bunch of artists lives at this point.

The best way that I can try and explain this is to say that the dude hosts plenty of events with the purpose of challenging social status quos, or as social experiments. Like, he'll host a show and stuff, and will book a performers from completely different genres. You'll see a rock band, then a rapper, and then like a berlesque, then something else that you probably wouldn't know how to categorize. This would more than likely be an art show the very same time, focusing on local artists with pieces that are free and affordable.

Group selfie during the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival at The Paper Box; captured by Daniel Rose

Group selfie during the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival at The Paper Box; captured by Daniel Rose

The final example would be an event or  gathering that is basically a discussion about impactful issues. That event would also happen to be a drink and draw. As you can imagine, many relationships and friendships were formed in this gumbo pot of passion and creative mediums. Artists at many different experience levels are involved, from artists making very respectable income, to artists who create when their not at work, to bands that tour and bands who really just perform for their friends. There are people who have been involved in these events and activities for years, some of them move on maybe to return down the line, and there are new ones also. It's not just a bunch of people trying to sign a record deal or being the best. Some of them are, and that's cool. But the only real minimum requirement is to be cool, bring good vibes with you, bring your art, and have some experiences with us. I'm not gonna lie, It's become like a sorority/fraternity kind of. Like, I'll know if you're cool to work with if you do things within the Brooklyn Wildlife network. It's like, if I meet you, and you're like "yea I did this *whatever activity* with Brooklyn Wildlife", then I'm going to know that you're cool to work with or hang with or that you're interesting from jump.

Chris , Yunji Shin (Sound Alchymist), and Sherief Makhail (Karate Instructor) hosting a free wellness day for local artists, 

Chris , Yunji Shin (Sound Alchymist), and Sherief Makhail (Karate Instructor) hosting a free wellness day for local artists, 

So yea, Chris has, by natural selection, become like my involuntary mentor. It doesn't take much effort though because his only requirement for you to stick around is to make yourself useful and to try not to be a dick. Most of our conversations happens while I'm helping with something, or right before or after I help with something, before or after performing together, or as long as something is being built upon. I know this might come off like the odee fan letter, but I'm being real here - so shut up. Anyway, what I've learned about him all this time spent around him is that he really want to help and support artists. He's an artist too, so he understands the value of having someone do that. He also understands that large companies don't have to dictate what real art is. He also understands that art is more than some novelty to be sold like some product or a toothbrush. 

Chris photographing a model that I haven't met yet. Click to see his photography portfolio

Chris photographing a model that I haven't met yet. Click to see his photography portfolio

You can even tell what kind of dynamic we have in the first couple of seconds in the audio version of the interview. Like, he's already giving me tips on how I can capture good audio when I do my interviews. This guys the bomb and is always looking for ways to help people progress in the arts as much as he's able to as long as it's not pulling him away from his projects....which usually geared towards supporting an artist or giving an experience.

The guy even hosts AirBnB guests where one of the perks is an up close and personal close-up with the culture of whats going on in the area. Check it out here.

ok, so that's it for now. I'll leave you guys alone. But feel free to hit me up if you'd like to attend any of this stuff. I'm sure we can figure something out. Enjoy the recorded interview above and see his links below:

Find Brooklyn Wildlife:
Facebook -
Instagram -
Tumblr -

His photography  -
E-mail -


Written by Quinton Counts

Written by Quinton Counts