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Hip Hop/Reggae vs Rock Show

Yo....I think you should head to The Paperbox on June 11th. You know why? Because when you go there, you're head is gonna friggin explode. Why? Stop asking so many questions. Just kidding. But we are going to get together some prominent Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rock acts to come together for a hybrid experience the way you've never seen it before. You'll see reggae artists like Reddaz, Hip Hop artists like Crim Dell and Ratchet by Nature, and rock bands like Hounds Basket fuse together sets and performances like the smash brothers. You're not even ready. But come anyway.

Brought to you by Brooklyn Wildlife and WolfSet Productions

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1:00 PM13:00

Brooklyn Wildlife 3 on 3 Tournament

Slow down now. No one here is in the NBA, but someone just might leave without their ankles. Don't be fooled though, the only agenda here is good vibes as the artist-dominated Brooklyn Wildlife network sets up a 3 on 3 tournament as we come through and show some skills in what none of us specialize in (lol). We'll definitely have guests and people from around the community involved, so we might just get some people who's extra nice that none of us knew about. So get ready. This will be held at the Gilber Ramirez Park, near the legendary McKibbin Lofts

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4:00 PM16:00

Get Your Film On

Do you make films? Do you want to make films? Do you just like hanging out in the film crowd? Are you not sure and are just curious about that world? Welp, I can't help you......just kidding. If you fit those categories, you should definitely stop by the Casting to the People Loft on June 6th. I would never send you to an event that's wack.  And there's going to be a BBQ and outddoor performances. 

The idea is to provide a platform for filmmakers to share their work and network with others involved in the local film industry including actors, casting directors, producers, and more.

- $10 submission fee per film. Pay your fee here: http://tinyurl.com/eatmyshortssubmissionfee
- Email a link to your film to: eatmyshortsnyc@gmail.com
- Only films with a running time of 15 MINUTES OR LESS will be considered. 
- If your film is chosen to be screened you will be notified by no later than May 31.


Films by (more tba)
Benjamin T. Orifici
Dre Torres & Alex Valdés
Joseph Patrick Conroy 
S. Ajay Ram
The Hood Chef

Live Music by (more tba)
Jenny Wren 




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to May 30

The Saucepot: Curator Panel pt 2

Shoutout to Casting to the People

The curators of our city put together these events, and people meet there and often become great friends or collaborate. I figured these curators are the essential ingredients to what be happening out here. and all these ingredients are gonna meet in one place. GUMBO SON! By giving curators a platform to meet, collaborate, inspire each other, and basically be peers to one another, we give way for something impactful to happen. Basically, a consciously designed society and media. We become more and more of a community. Check out the list:


Jose Castillo - This is my dude right here. It's very difficult to capsilate everything he does, but I found a good way to sum up a good chunk of it. He's a conceptual artist, hip hop producer, and MC. Straight from Queensbridge, He's run art studio space at the age of 19, and since then, has run spaces in Argentina, Bushwick 3rd Eye(sol)ation), and now runs one in LIC, called JonDoeSociety. His spaces has been featured in Complex, The New York Times, The Source, and more. He and his fellow artists also started a program called A.L.I.V.E. where they help kids with things like healthy self exploration and creative expression through the artist. I look forward to catching up with this guy on Friday.

Site about art space(s) - http://www.3rdeyesol.com/
Tumblr -  https://3rdeyesolation.wordpress.com/
Assholes of New York - https://www.facebook.com/assholesofnewyork?pnref=about.work


Kerry Coddett - The Coddett Project

I don't even know where to start with this human being (if you can still call her that). In regards to art, Kerry Coddett is like a friggin avatar. Like, she's mastered all of the trades. Coined as "The Jill of All Trades, she had her first written work published at like 9yr old, has performed at NJ Net Games, designed clothes for Jay Z, performed at MTV, MSG. Like, my brain exploded twice trying to fit this all into a blurb. Check it our yourself on her site. She runs a comedy web series with her sister (who also has accolades out the yin yang) and she hosts a Comedy show in Brooklyn called "Brooklyn Stand Up!". She hosts it with Hot97's DJ Cypha Sounds. Very organic, fun feel to it. You feel like you're in a funny family's living room. Check her links below

The Coddet Project - http://www.thecoddettproject.com/about.php
Brooklyn Stand Up! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRV-SMwgCN8
Her Youtube Page - https://youtu.be/50kKMUMJ1ec


Morgan Jesse Lappin - Brooklyn Collage Collective

Morgan Jesse Lappin is a rather hilarious collage artist. His works will make you laugh at first, and then you'll go deep into your head as you actually process what you're lookin at. He strictly uses encyclopedia pictures and pictures from old publications. He also runs a collective called Brooklyn Colage Collective, which has shows internationally and one of their photographers, Jacqueline Silberbush, were featured by Vice Media. Dudes also a drummer in a band also, and I actually dig the music. Usually when someone is known for something dope, they usually suck at the other thing that they do. So, good job, Morgan

That collective - http://www.brooklyncollagecollective.com/
His music/band - https://soundcloud.com/trje-1  
His artwork - http://www.morganlappin.com

Joi Sanchez - Art (Lov)her LLC

This my home girl right here with a philosophy that I think helps push things forward for our generation. Joi Sanchez is a poet, performer, and curator from Brooklyn. She's basically motivated by a philosophy that's based on cooperative economics for marginalized and independent artists, with a special focus on women.  She started a collective called Art(Lov)Her. They have an annual show to show appreciation to the artists before them. On her site, they keep job postings for artists, as she believes that trying to be the best is one thing, but collaboration means that we all eat. They host an annual multi-event call #FemceeFestival, where they celebrate radical women voices of our past and present women in Hip Hop Culture.

Art(Lov)Her - http://artlovesherbk.nyc/wordpress/
Performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYKV1HcpZk


In January, we brought together some of the most favored underground curators in the city to kind of share what their worlds are like, and where they think the art and event scene is going. It was a cool night. We featured some performances and a dance party. Cool beans.

This time around, we're going to do it again, but we're gonna change the format around a little bit. Before, we had the guys literally on a panel discussion while I asked them questions...Montell Williams status...turtleneck and all, while everyone bantered back. It was fun, but this time I want it more real...like a circle discussion. And this time, it's gonna be recorded into a podcast. Shoutout to Casting to the People for hosting the space for this. There's going to be free drinks and performances. 

From the previous panel

111 Bowery, 4th Floor
New York, NY

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to May 8

Que Cee Mixtape Release Party

So this Thursday, it's about to be a wrap. I'm having a couple friends come on, we're going to rock, I'm having people from back in the day come through, we gonna chill, I'm going to have my man Jacy come through, he's gonna spin. IDK man, it's just gonna be a good time and good people coming together and having a good time. Hope to see ya'll there.

At LeftField in LES

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7:00 PM19:00

Brooklyn Curator Panel: The Sauce Pot pt 1

brought to you by Brooklyn Wildlife and WolfSet Productions

We brought together some of the most influential curators in Brooklyn and NY to talk about some of the issues affecting the event and party scene, where we've been, where they think we're going, and how they even got into what they're doing now. Enjoy, and please take a look at some of their material. Peace

James Watson and Stephanie Browne (Bermuda Triangle)

Jon Mann (Square Zeros)

Harris Smith (Negative Pleasure)

Nick McManus (Visual Artist and Curator)

Collin and Mike (Spectacle Theater)

Brent Butler

Brittany Campbell

Adam Burns

---Contributing Visual Artists----

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