Brooklyn Curator Panel

So What Happened?

Chris Carr of Brooklyn Wildlife and Quinton Counts of WolfSet Productions decided to stop playing and throw an event that is focused on the people who have been sprinkling the city with dope events over the years. So, they hosted a panel interview of curators from various fields and backgrounds. They got to share what they're into, what they've been doing, and how they got started. An interesting debate even started among audience when discussing where NY is going, why people stay here, and why they break the hell out, and one of them even Taylor Swift'd one of the moderators for the mic to get a word in. One word. Awesome.

Curator Panel ==> Taylor Swifting ==> Live Performances ==> Dance Party

**Stephanie Browne & James Watson** 
Stephanie and James are known in Brooklyn for their events in their loft space referred to as "Bermuda Triangle". Stephanie Particularly works on TAB
**Nick McNamus**
From what we know, Nick is rather mysterious with his fleeting appearances. His visits are typically rather short, when he's maestro-ing a large group together for a perfectly done polaroid. He's done a 'full documentary record' of this year's Miami Art Basel.

**Spectacle Theature (Collin and Mark)** 
_Spectacle is a collectively-run screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, established and staffed entirely by volunteers. Our programming encompasses overlooked works, offbeat gems, contemporary art, radical polemics, live performance and more._
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**Harris Smith** 
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**Jon Mann** 
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Keenan "Special K" Morris
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Erica Holuboff
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