The Nebraska Jones Experiment

Ok, so I'm not much of a blogger yet, so pardon me if I leave anything out. So, I've never met this woman in person, but while I was going through Chris Gman's (who is into cinematography) vimeo page, I had bumped into a really dope live performance by Jessie Davis, who's part of the Nebraska Jones Experiment. And let me add that this is also after watching a video that Chris recorded of a dope jam session lesson. That's right, someone was teaching young musicians how to have a jam session. But that's on an other note.

Anyway, I really like this video, because it feels really human, I listen to it while I work. I've been listening to it non-stop over the past two days. It's a perfect mix between laid back and exciting, because it has a surprisingly bouncy tempo and snare usage. I also like that she loops her voice into being the beat that she sings on, along with the beautiful collaboration with the other musicians.  I suggest you watch this video all the way to the end. I know that people have the habit of letting something rock for 10 seconds and then switching if it doesn't absolutely grab them. Nah, watch this all the way through. Even close your eyes, all that. Turn this on and relax for 5 minutes. Thank you

Jessie Davis is a Brooklyn-based artists. In 2012 who took the subway stations, streets, and dive bars looping and singing and covering songs with a whole new vibe. The Nebraska Jones Experiment is an artist collective that sprouted from that. There's all sorts of music artists involved and add their own thing to the mix. They are recording a 4-song EP. It features Mark Bell on drums, Jordan Peters on guitar, Junya Yamaguchi on keys, and Antoine Katz on bass. Engineered and mixed by Matt Shane, vocal production by David Engelhard and Jessie Davis

She does a monthly residency and jam session at Brooklyn National, and she's at Bedvyne-Brew every second Tuesday. At both situations, there's a bunch of guest artists. She also teaches with an organization called Urban Art Beat, which is an organization designed to mix art with education. They link real artists with public schools and community centers and have them volunteer with children and be mentors.  But I'll cover this in detail in another post. It's so dope (seriously)> I've mentored with them in the past, and they are LEGIT.

I also must mention that Jessie is currently in the middle of running a fundraiser to support creating that EP that I was telling you about, as well as to create a music video for the song "Black and Gold. Please, for the sake of supporting genuine artists who clearly loves what they do, definitely at least take a look through the link below.


Til next time mf's ;)

Written by Quinton Counts