Nyssa Eva-Frank: The Living Gallery


Interview with Nyssa of The Living Gallery

Alright, so, I've been running through Brooklyn's art circuit for years now, right? And every now and then, a friend of mine would be hosting an event or party at a place called The Living Gallery, and sometimes, I would could come through. It was always something completely different and peculiar and with a cool crowd of people whom I already knew, or would soon know. There was even a time where I took this photography class (hosted by my friend, Chris Carr) and then an organic cooking class, which was at a separate place called Living Gallery. I never really tried to connect the dots as to why I was at these two different places that had the same exact name. I was like "whatever". 

Then, next thing you know, my boy Chris was hosting a forum discussion there. I don't really remember the exact subject matter, but it was a really engaging convo (and there was free wine and art...imperative). That was when I really met Eva, who was also in this sort of panel discussion, and that's when I was initially curious even though I didn't know she actually owned the gallery. So after being facebook friends for some time and seeing all the events that she has been hosting at her space, I realized that I absolutely have to interview. Like, the events and gatherings and shows weren't some arbitrary things that were going on. This was some really thoughtful stuff and included things like people coming together and actually making action plans on what to do about gentrification and how to get the community together in general.

I've always admired from a far, so let's just say that this interview was really my excuse to catch up and seeing what's really going on with this woman. We were accompanied by the infamous Jose Castillo, who is also an all around artist and organizer and producer. He and I were supposed to connect anyway, and it was just awesome timing that this was also about to go down. We showed up and Nyssa was preparing for a solo art show for Maximillian Mueller (IG: @MuellerStudios). So he was doing his carpentar work in the background while we were chatting. Either way, Enjoy the interview and the photo gallery that includes some stuff that includes shots of Nyssa, the events at the gallery, and some of Max's work. Maybe you can go through the photos while you listen. Ok, that's it. Peace, bruh.

You can find out more about Nyssa and The Living Gallery by visiting the site or e-mailing them (http://www.the-living-gallery.com/). You can inquire about renting the space and even ask for event management services. Among many things, she also hosts a drink and draw every Wednesday. I have a few friends that go there and I hear good things about it. Here's vid on pretty much what goes on there. Enjoy!

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221


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