One Year Up: Gotham Sharma

So, for those who don't know, I worked as a computer technician for about 6 or 6 1/2 years. Very beneficial experience and was totally the result of going to a program by the name of Year Up, and intensive training program that gives you essential soft and hard skills and put you into an internship with a fortune 500. This is all this giving you college credits and paying the student. Yea, the student doesn't pay for this - the program pays the student. There are sites and alumnus all over the country. The model of this program is sure to literally change the job market and how we look at education in general. It's a very big deal. Anyway,  I'm pretty sure I didn't do the program enough justice with that explanation, but seriously, check out the site.

A fellow alumnus of this program, Gotham, has been an active alumni for years, and is a seasoned young I.T. professional. He and I sat down and spoke about some of his experiences before, during and after attending the Year Up program, as well as his experience starting his own tech business. 

Part of the mission behind posting this discussion is to create more of a platform for alumnus to share experiences, which is important due to the major changes that happens in all of our lives after graduation - the kinds of experiences that you won't find in a textbook. That kind of insight can be very valuable in the new lives we're creating for ourselves and each other. We are often the first person in our families and/or communities to pursue the tracks we end up in. Please check out the program website and share with anyone who you think may find it interesting.