After the Visual Arts Panel

Ok, for one, let me just say that the panel was fire. Everyone came on time, my man Brent Butler looked out with the drinks, so everyone got tore up. But not so tore up that the vibe was disrupted. It was like a happy unhibited but considerate tore up. the performers came through and really killed it. Chris Carr came through with the bars, Joi came through with the bars. And for those who don't know, she freestyles all of her poetry and is phenominal. After that, we went right into the panel, featuring Chris, Joi, Nyssa, Morgan, and Jose. We got right into certain topics. I mean, for a good portion of the talk, I was getting a lil trampled as I tried to moderate, but I didn't mind because these guys were sharing some cruicial shit. Some of the topics consisted of advice for artists when they are dealing with curators, what to do and not do when working with a curator (like, be on time, communicate), and more crucially, Nyssa stated that opportunities are more accessible than ever these days. As an artist, you can literally walk into these galleries (or her gallery) and tell them that you would like to work with them, and they'll say yes!

We covered areas like how Joi come across the idea of making great art more accessible to the people who want to buy by allowing them to make a silent offer. This speaks volumes about how much is possible on both the cultural an economic level in our local community and realizing that mainstream entities aren't the gatekeepers of culture. We can do things ourselves, with people we know and love, people who makes stuff and we personally know some of the things that might have inspired it. We can hang some of those pieces on our wall and know exact what statement is being made with that piece. We can say "yeah, my friend made that". This can be our way of making up for the time we aren't able to spend with that artist. There's so much to be said about what went down at this panel discussion, so I'll just leave it here for you to listen to.


So in between the breaks, we also had Elsz perform as well as Mike Tedesco. Elsz actually came through with a friggin amp-powered harp and a laptop playing beats that she made...epic. Very melodic, emotional, and gripping. We were all audiences in a 3D movie as she did her thing. Mike Tedesco came by right after another performance with his electric piano and made Elton John look wack (lol maybe not but you get the point) Dude can sing his ass off, and he's classically trained to play the piano, but he's more interested in finding ways to engage in the world of other performance arts and making it feel more social than what's common in the typical classical piano world. So yea, it was dope. Then 10:45pm hit and we commensed with getting everyone the eff out (in a friendly way of course) and we were actually succcessful lol. One of our artists (Branson B.) sold two pieces that were sold via "silent offer". Check below for a quick picture gallery of thhe art and how the event went overall. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Written by Quinton Counts