Brooklyn Visual Arts Panel/Forum here we are...back where we began. Earlier this year (January '15), we did a curator panel, which had a really god turn out. Not in the sense of the superficial success of the event, but people were really impacted by the contact, meaningful connections were made. These connections consist of people who collaborate and are good friends this day. From there, we did the same thing for the film industry, and then we revisited the curators topic.

So here we are...back to make an attempt at diving into the word of what it's like to be a visual artist community/industry or a professional of another type, but within that same context. We'll have the notorious Chris Carr from Brooklyn Wildlife, who is a well-seasoned photographer, and Jesse Lappin, who is a collage artist who strictly uses encyclopedia images and had even started a very active collective. I'll give you a run down of all these guests below.

But the purpose of this whole thing is that I'm a nosey mf, or the more polite term, a student of the game (referring to art and community stuff and the dynamics). In reality, I'd be asking these panelists these questions and having these questions with or without an audience. So, I figured "why not let other people into the conversation who could also benefit from this?". So, the first portion will consist of a moderated panel discussion, which will then open up into a forum discussion. In between that, we will have a few breaks and live musical performances and of course free drinks. The more the merrier, so if you would like to sponsor this event in any way, please feel free to reach out. We also encourage donations, which will go straight to the generous venue hosts.

So now about the performers

Elsz (from Sri Lanka) 

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