It was all a dream: matt oglivie

Sup ya'll? How you been? How's the lil bro? Smh he bad as hell. Anyways, welcome back. I'd like to share an interesting interview I had with my friend, Matt Oglivie. For those of you who know him, it may be from his work with Upcoming Hip Hop, which is a blog that is designed to support up and coming artists. They have stuff from shared new music, to interviews, events/showcases, contests, album reviews, written blog entries, and more. I know this guy, and have met some of the people on the UCHH team. They also offer PR services. I'm not gonna lie, they basically cover the full spectrum of anything related to getting your music in the hands of the people and even help you further understand your market position and help you keep track of who's actually engaged with your work. That way you know who to cater to.

He told me how he got into what he currently does and what that experience has been like, and his story is kind of an interesting one. It all began with him just storing music online to keep track of music that he liked. Then he began sharing it, then he started lil competitions that involved emcees and producers. Great partnerships would happen as a result. Then, something sparked and he decided that he would ride this out and see how far he could thing you know, he quit his job and is living 100% off his craft. And he works with a passionate team of artists. One of the reasons I like his story is because it shows you that everyone who is doing stuff like this are still human, and these cool things that they are doing roots back to something that we all can relate to. All he did was let it manifest into something that more people can be involved in and inspired by. And that's real. Everyone who's in it aren't cut from some special cloth, they just tap into their interest and find different ways to manifest and express that. It doesn't always have to start off as some mission to get rich and objectify everyone's attention and talents because that's creepy. It just so happens that you can do what genuinely interests you, be willing to put in the work to make it grow and figure out different ways you can put it to work based on your environment, get it popping, and you'll be surprised at how you can actually start to make a living off of what you actually care about. Be well ya'll and shoutout to all of you who are contributing to the independent art scene and building the culture. This drink's for you.

The UCHH Crew

So, definitely check out this interview, and give his website a look and subscribe. Many people on my network either know him, go to his events, or are involved in UCHH in some way. There's a reason. Find out.

Written by Quinton Counts