Max Marshall - Your Love Is Like

Yoyo, just wanted to share something dope with you right quick. This is an artist I came across on the Majestic Casual Youtube page, which is basically a collection of laid back cool mash-ups. That's how I came across Max Marshall. There was a mash-up of her song "Your Love is Like", and it's a favorite of mine even ovr a year later. One day I decided to find out if this person had any live versions of this song, and after a while, I found this acoustic version of it. Definitely enjoy this funky and genuine song that has a geniune feel. It's like naturally good without her trying to reach for any gimmicks. Really good. I've included the acoustic version of that song I mentioned, the original version below it, and as a bonus, I've included another song by her that I dug. Enjoy :)

Here's another quick bonus ;)

Written by Quinton Counts