A night with Casting to the People

Ok, so my boy Keenan Morris (visual artist linked up with the guys from Casting to the People and hosted an interesting drink and draw in the LES. If you don't know, a drink and draw is as simple as it sounds. You get together, you drink, and you draw. From there, you can mix it up however you want with themes or whatnot. Keenan's theme was for everyone to draw as he plays music, and whenever he stops the music, everyone has to trade pictures, and pick up where the previous artist left off. Pretty cool, right? 


Well, either way, I figured I forward them two homies of mine to help mix things up even more. So these artists would also be drawing to live music. Wasn't sure it'd mesh with everything, but so what (jk). Anyway, here is a clip of Brent Butler and Deascent doing an acoustic performance. 


Let me tell you why I like Brent though. Because he had never done a completely acoustic set before, but was like "WHATEVER I'LL FIGURE IT OUT!", and he definitely did. Keenan loved them even though we kinda crashed the party. Shoutout to Keenan. Please forgive me lol

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. So, I made a joke about Brent wearing all black and ironically looking like Johnny Quest...it just so happens that Aiden's dog look exactly like Johnny Quests dog...lol so you know we had to take a picture, right?


Casting to the People's App - http://www.c2thep.com/
Keenan's Art - http://keenan-morris.squarespace.com/
Brent and Deascent's music - https://soundcloud.com/brentbutlermusic/