Revisiting the Grey Area

New mixtape called No Grey Areas 2: Ground Zero

This is a follow up from the previous mixtape, No Grey Areas, which was released on 2012. I wanted to accomplish a few things with this. For one, I kind of wanted to do to kind of clean my closet of records that I've been nit picking at and holding onto for way too long, so it almost felt like symbolism of for other areas in my life as I just let go of the perfectionist expectations and move forward and understand that some people will see it for what it really is, and some people won't dig it, and that's ok.

Another goal was to kind of exemplify my curation abilities, song arrangment, and versitile styles. you'll see that some of the songs are very different from the others. I wanted to get these songs out of the way so that I can continue my musical growth and show people that. But before I show people where I'm at and am going, I wanted to give them a snapshot of what they missed, because there may be some people out there that might digg that style or might be inspired by it in some way. But either way, I felt like I couldn't put out my newer stuff until my put out what I have in a thought out way.