Botchery in Brooklyn

Botchery in Brooklyn - A short film that was written, directed, and shot, and directed by Andre Torres and Alex Valdes

Yea so, I initially met Alex (aka Tev95) when he shot a music video with me and my homies from Brooklyn Wildlife. I thought he was just a videoographer back then. That was years ago. Then I found out that he has his own independant label (95 Labs) and that he worked with this artist named Shottie (Dre Torres). Turns out that this guy was one of the dopest emcees I've ever met, so almost like an eager fan, I HAD to collaborate with him. We made a hot record called Zombies in My Basement, and he's producing my next album.

But that's besides the point. So anyway, it turns out that Dre's passion is film, and he and Alex were embarking on that together. They have a bunch of experience with music videos, and were ready to head towards actual films as the next step. I expressed my interest in acting, so eventually he hit me with a script. And I was with it. I was hype because this was my first time getting an actual script, so I memorized the hell out of that thang right there. 

So, it was supposed to be me and some dude talking about robbing some store, and I like the personality of the guy I was supposed to play. I'm not gonna go through the details of the whole thing, but it was cool. So the day comes, and I take that long ass trip to Shottie's apartment (where the shoot is supposed to take place), and when I get off the train, I get a text from Tev saying that they lost one of the props for the shoot, and Shottie not only wrote a whole other script, but a whole other story while I was on the friggin train....and the sh*t was hot! Like, I think I liked the script even more. Maybe because this time, he said he wrote it with me in mind, and he wrote things he figured I would say and the way I would say it. Stop spyin on me, negro!

Anyway, the other actor that showed up was Eric E. Nelson, from Miami, who ironically knew my other homie from Miami, DJ Tropic. I feel like all my Miami friends know each other. That sh*t's weird. Anyway, Eric and I memorize and rehearse the lines together, while Alex and Dre set up the equipment. We did a few practice takes, and I got more comfortable with every take. I was starting to find my zone and get less shy. After a few hours, we finished up the shoot, and it was shown at the Brooklyn Film Festival that was held at Paperbox, in collaboration with Brooklyn Wildlife. Good times.


- Written by Quinton Counts