Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival

This is a recap video from the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival. The footage was captured and edited by the legendary Arjae Franko. I'm not gonna lie, this was so dope that it's not even funny. This guy Chris Carr and the homies had put together an all-day festival of performances to happen on three separate stages, in three different rooms at the same time. I think there was over 100 of them, and I was one of them.

Bruh, they had everything. It was like, all genre's, they had all kinds of venders of clothing, food, they even had masseuse's, and even friggin energy healers on deck

What really had me happy about it though is that I was able to come through with my brother. I've been tryna get him on the scene for a minute, and I don't think he believed how dope this stuff was. The first time I brought him out to a performance, the crowd wasn't that big. We still had fun and he was walking on air after that, but like, I knew t wasn't near as cool as I knew these things could get.

So I was happy to be able to get him out to the crim dela crim of Brooklyn Wildlife events. The set we performed was flawless, we did our favorite songs.  Good times. I was particularly impressed with how smoothly these guys managed the whole thing. Like for real. They've never even done anything like that, and they killed it

My brothers girlfriend at the time caught some footage of our performance on her phone