Keep Pushin Yo

First of all, shoutout to Jadon Woodard, Brent Butler, and Tim Gregory. 

-- Bottom line: Keep Pushing is the prequel to RPM and tells the story of Billy da Kid's breakout hit. It stars Jadon Woodard as a young Billy and features Harry Lennix ('Batman v Superman') and hip-hop legend Pharoahe Monch. --

Ight so for those who don't know Jadon, he's a well-known poet and freestyler. Everybody knows and loves this guy. I met him at a Brooklyn Wildlife event (like the other 100,00 people I've met). So yea, me and Jadon are at a party, and he goes "Yo, Imma be in this film tomorrow, and we need rappers to be in it. You wanna come?" And you know me, I was like "hell yeah". 

I think he asked a lot of artists. A good number of us came, but I'm sure he asked more, but they probably didn't come because they were too hung I was lol I was dumb tired and hung over, but I had to see what this was all about

Yo, it turns that this was legit as hell...and fun. So they asked us to dress up like it was back in the day and just have a cypher...simple enough, right? lol "...I got you". So we just rapped during the scenes and in between scenes. There were a couple of emcees, but one that stood out to me was this kid name Brent Butler. He was some white kid, but he had BARS, and most importantly, he wasn't timid about it and you could tell that he really loved performing. That's my ish. Like, you can be borderline garbage, but if you own your ish and you know how to engage the audience, you're good in my book. We've linked up and have been cool ever since and have even worked together. I even ended up working with Tim Again for a few film screening events. The beauty of the art world, for real.


- Written by Quinton Counts