Que Cee Spoken Word Performance ft Aiden Livingston

So this was my second time stopping by C2theP Loft for one of their Open Brain events. This is where people get together and pretty much display any performance or visual art that the like within a supportive and generally cool community of people. Like, they all met like a few weeks ago, but I felt like I was in a room full of family members. Great stuff.

So anyway, I figured I'd do a piece that I've only performed once, but have never really written it down. I even change some of the pieces based on how much I remember or how I feel at the moment. But anyway, while I was there that night, I tapped Aiden, who's the founder of Casting to the People, and asked if he actually knew how to play that guitar in the corner and if he'd be down to play a back drop for me while I shared my piece. Of course he was down. That whole night was cool. I met up with my dude Kerry (a curator) for the first time,  and brought him along. That's when I learned that not only an emcee, but  a dope one. He shared a really good piece that night too, but I don't have the footage of that. 

Written by Quinton Counts
Footage by Matt Hefferson

Open Brain - https://www.facebook.com/groups/343827659138711/
Casting to the People - http://c2thep.com/