Brooklyn Curator Panel Vol 1

Brought to you by Brooklyn Wildlife and WolfSet Productions

Polaroid taken by Nick McManus

Photo taken by Quinton Counts

This was an idea that was actually inspired by a curator panel that Stephanie Browne and James Watson did at Bermuda Triangle, which is their space in Bushwick. I remember when I heard about it, I was so excited and made it a point to go there. But unfortunately, I got there from work too late to catch it in time. But I performed there as one of the post performers. Now that I think about it, that performance was lit. It was an improvised set with Chris Carr, Ohene Cornelius, Jadon Woodard, myself, and a band that happened to be there already.

Anyway, Chris and I sat down to talk about ideas for an event at Brooklyn Art & Shipping. Of course this was after the ritual of drinks, some mary jane, and a rap cypher. Tareq was there with us. My initial idea was to do something to just straight up pamper and appreciate Brooklyn Curators, since they are the reason many certain people even meet, leading to great relationships and collaborations.I wanted to go all out with it. I think I fucked up by admitting to Chris that he was one of the curators on that list, and he hates that type of attention lol

Photo taken by Quinton Counts

So, he was like, "yea that's cool, but how about we do something like how Stephanie did. How about we do a panel of curators?". I was down. I just wanted the opportunity to curate something. We added the idea of featuring visual artists as well, along with a live painting and some live performances, followed by a little dance party while I handle the music. Bet, Tareq ironically had built basically an archive of visual artists that he was digging, along with their e-mail address, and website (0_o). Amazingly clutch. 

Art made by Rafaelina Sanchez

I agreed to hit that list up for artists to display stuff. Among that list was  Lizzie Gill (Brooklyn Collage Collective). She was dope but couldn't make it. I already knew I was going to hit my boy Keenan Morris up to do the live painting. So my job was to get that stuff together, and the performers. The people I got were Brent Butler (my home skillet), Adam Burns, and Brittany Campbell..

Photo taken by Quinton Counts


For the curators, I immediately hit Stephanie Brown and James Watson up - they were down. Chris also gave his curator suggestions, which consisted of Harris Smith, Jon Mann (from Square Zeros), and whoever ran Spectacle Theater. I personally had to ask Nick McManus. I thought his personally and what he does was mad cool, like seriously. I'll keep this quick but basically, you can be at one of your friends events, then a random guy will walk in and ask the curator if he could get everybody into a group for a polaroid with this extra old camera that consists of like 4 parts, including a separate piece that is specifically for the flash. I don't know how the description sounds to you, but in that kinda moment, it's mad fun and random. He often makes these into collages that he displays at events. Look him up