Curator panel joint

Ok, so Friday last week was extra lit. I thank everyone for coming despite the allusiveness behind what was to be expected exactly. I guess all people knew was that the subject matter sounded interesting and useful. Big big shoutout to Casting to the People for hosting us and basically being a hub for such an inspiring community to form via their loft space. Yea, Kerry Coddet, Jose Castillo, and Joi Sanchez came through and it was pretty dope.

Joi, also a master freestyle lyricist, even freestyled for us a bit. After we racked up on alcohol and rum cakes and caught up with each other inside the loft, We all went to the back yard. Jonathan cranked up the projector and we were ready to go. Each curator had a chance to speak a little bit about some of the things they are currently into, how they got there, and showed a quick Youtube video further exemplifying what they do a little bit. After each of those, attendants were able to ask questions, we laughed, we cried, we drank, and at the end, I had the pleasure of being in a cypher with Joi and Reddaz (a dope reggae/dancehall artist that came) and Jose Castillo also played beats that he made. So I say all that to say this....we had a good time lol thank you for reading. Below is a recording of the cypher. Enjoy!