Chat with Shane Maux

Yea so I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shane Maux, accidentally my boy for years now. We've been performing, creating, and partying together for some time now. So I guess....we're good friends now. Damn. I'm only upset because he sucks as a person. Just kidding. He's funny as hell and mad cool. You may know him already from his work with the group he was in called Duk Duk Goose not too long ago. Yea, he went ahead and decided to see what this solo thing was about. Straight from Ann Arbor, MI, he's come to NY to link with more like-minded people and collaborate...and he's been accomplishing that. We had the opportunity to sit down and 

chop it up. It was quite on the low, but he's been working on a really dope solo album called Come Alive, and a music video for one of the songs called Lush. He had a moment to talk about it a bit and process of doing that. Ya'll know what's up. This is my main man right here for a few reasons. I love his flow, he says funny shit in his rhymes, and he's lyrical in a way that seems accidental. I say accidental, because he doesn't make "lyrical" the focal point of his verses. He's either being goofy and having fun, or addressing a subject that matters to him, and you can feel that. It just so happens that a lot of the time he's being goofy. Not a bad thing, but if you haven't found the serious record that reaches out to you yet, you will be satisfied when you find it. He does it justice and in a genuine way. My favorite track off the album is Come Alive, you'll find it below. So yea, enjoy the interview mf's ;)

and download his album here

- Written by Quinton "Que Cee" Counts