My boy Mike

Ok, so I had the pleasure of sitting down with my home boy Mike Tedesco, from Long Island. Dude is pretty cool, nice, and humble as hell...even though he sings like this:

I was introduced to him by Jonathan Beirn of Casting to the People. He told me that Mike is interested in linking up with experienced peers in the art community here in the city, and I was glad to oblige. When we sat down, one of the things Mike expressed to me is the differences between a craft like playing the piano and r&b or pop is that the pianist environment or crowd can be a little uptight and formal, at least from what he's seen. 

A lot of it's justified, piano-playing a very intricate thing, so I get it. But, I take it that he would like to shake things up and make the craft a bit more accessible, relateable, and more of a fun, expression thing for people who weren't already piano enthusiasts or whatnot. And most importantly, the dude just wants to have fun and mix with different art crowds and collaborate. Like, isn't that what it's all about at the end of the day? Welp, it is for me, and that's why my name is Quinton Counts, and I approve this message. Enjoy the video below.


- Written by Quinton Counts