Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival 2015

Chris Carr talking about the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival

Why is there a fee for the festival

Posted by Chris Carr on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welp, if you can see the video above, this guy pretty much summed it up better than I ever could. But yes, the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival is definitely legit. Whenever I try to tell a summary about what it is and what goes down, I get anxiety, because there are so many things that happen and my emotions get involved and..whatever, it's dope

Let's just say that the first one (in 2013) was held exclusively at The Paperbox in Bushwick. 3 stages, from noon to midnight, over 60 performers, countless other vendors and practitioners of different crafts, it was nuts. The performers were from every genre featuring people like Buckshot, Charly & Margaux, Suzi Analogue, Rebelmatic, Meridian and more. It was 100% free of outside corporate sponsors, which is deliberate and something that Chris stands by as someone dedicated to doing things organically, genuinely, and independently. Each year it get's even more enormous and accommodating, going from one event with 60 performers to a whole weeks worth of events with over 150 performers and in various venues, which is how the last one was. Click this link to see the Brooklyn Wildlife FB Fan Page, or e-mail

But I can say a lot about him, the festival, and Brooklyn Wildlife. Keep a look for a post about the time I actually got a chance to sit down and have an interview with him. That'll tie everything together perfectly for you. In the mean time, enjoy this recap video from the first festival. The video was created by Arjae Franko

But most importantly, if you are an artist or performer of any type, please e-mail