Yesterday's Session - Compilation in the Making

Yeah, so, I linked up with my home skillet Jadon on my way to a recording session with Tev from 95Labs. I'm making a rather dope record with Rue Brown.

Tev played what she added onto the record so far, and that ish was fire! So anyway, Tev played some tracks that I'm on with Jadon. Jadon had no idea that I'd be on it. It was intended to be a surprise. So that was cool.

Then Tev started playing other new beats for us to hear, so being rappers that are very rappitty...we of course started rapping to test out the beats. All of a sudden, you see Tev fetchin his camera (always plottin lol). He caught a bunch of footage of us.

I always tell people that Jadon is one of the best freestyle rappers I've ever met, among people like Chris Carr (founder of Brooklyn Wildlife). J's also an all around fucking nice guy. Like, it's disturbing how likeable he is. Anyway, whenever he isn't basically hanging out with a celebrities and music legends, Jay makes income rapping on trains. It's a rather inspiring experience. Anyways, ya'll can't tell him that I said all of these positive things about him. As far as he's concerned, he's garbage at rapping lol What? You can't just let your friends go and just feel good about themselves, duhh

Tev is a music producer and filmmaker, who runs an independent label called 95 Labs. He's working on a compilation album. I'm not gonna lie, I see the man's growth. I can see his musical style evolving. Like, he's been producing for a while and has his stripes with that, and with working with solo artists and with groups. Now he's at the point where he's interested in joining forces with other emcees, vocalists, and producers to make this fall the bomb. So, with that said, if you like what you hear in this link below, or you just want to get involved with something cool, feel free to hit him up at, or visit the 95Labs Facebook fan page.

This my home girl right here. Rue Brown is my home girl from DC. She's a vocalist that I've been looking to collaborate with literally for years. We've had our jam sessions here and there, but something like this record and following music video is exactly what I'm talking about. Have you ever met an artist that you KNOW you would work well with and make some historic stuff with? Help, she's one of those artists for me. She does a lot of work with my homies, Ohene Cornelius, Tyquan Sounds, and Sky James. Click this picture to get linked to her fan page.