Super Fun Show, with Learning

I'd like ya'll to meet my home boy Adam Strauss. He's from Berlin. Not like the country Berlin, but Berlin, Vermont. Yea he's my boss at Pushcart Coffee, which is dope for plentyof reason (I'll get into that though). This is where I'm going to talk about Adam and his passion for music and espresso. So anyone who knows me, know that I ask mad questions and love finding out that people are artists on the low.

Adam trained me to be a barista, but he's also the guy who also goes to the countries to meet the farmers and even looks at the beans to buy for the shop. They're really involved. But apprently, this guy had a previous life of being a badass sound engineer working for big names in the industry, and is now the co-producer of a cool show with his girl friend.


Let me tell you why you need to know about this show. I mean, the guys story and philosophy is worth knowing already, but what they do with the show is sort of an adult Sesame Street (imagine a sort of a Robot Chicken show that teaches you important stuff like how to apply for food stamps (now called SNAP). He does a lot of the sound mixing right on the set as they get footage, and it's a mix of using actors in front f a green screen, CGI-ish stuff, and animation. 

This particular show, for example, is about how TV kind of takes over your brain in a way and influences your decision making. This is even though most of us like to act macho and thing we somehow can defy anatomy and that we're above that process happening. It's happening, bro. Anyway, this particular series is about main character, who teams up with one of the neurons in her brain to ask other neurons for instructions on how to go about getting food. The bad news is that each of these neurons were hi-jacked by data from the TV, so the only advice she gets is in the form of TV scenarios from shows she's watched. Like, the neuron would tell her to take over some kingdom. The plots would be all jumped together too,  mixing familiar shows together in a hilarious way. I'm sure my description isn't as epic, so just watch the shit.

Adam also talks about how he went to school for engineering and worked in large and small studios and what those transitions were like. He told me about how the industry has changed for sound engineers and what he's done to sort of adapt to the game and get creative as far as how and where to apply himself. He had done an indiegogo for the show and talked about how that was such a big project and basically had to be the teams focus for many months, but it had really paid off, but it was so worth it. Like, you can see the difference between the episode about SNAP and the one about the effects of TV, which was kind of like watching that 1992 movie "Stay Tuned". I'm sure nobody under 20 remembers that shit though. I ain't mad.

Finally, I want to chime in on the segment where we talked about his role in running a relatively new coffee business called Pushcart. They have a location in Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Downtown Manhattan, and a sister company named Bustler in Midtown. What I like about Pushcart besides the  fact that the company was founded on the genuine appreciation of the coffee shop experience and how it can have an impact on people in ways that you can under estimate. Adam actually became a barista after stepping out of the music scene and found what became another passion of his, which is coffee. But he made it really clear that it didn't replace his passion for music. He actually strongly suggests any artists that have to get a side job that they either make a real effort to get a passion for that work, or really realy make an effort to make their side job something that they happen to be passion about. He said that it helps opposed to coming to work and trying to get out as soon as possible, and hating being there. I actually second this, you would be surprised at how getting passionate and thorough with your work on the side and actually help you be happier, opposed to thinking you're keeping a good balance in your Bank of GaF (give a fuck). Anyway, enjoy the podcast and feel free to reach out to either Adam or myself with any questions!


Written by Quinton Counts