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Sup ya'll? How you doin? You good? How's ya momma n em? Nice.  Anyway, I'm kind of here to tell you about a nifty lil site I came across called KitSplit. Don't worry, I'll you the basics of how it works.

So, have you ever wanted to like rent some film equipment, but companies usually charge a lot or at least expect your debit card to have the entire amount on it in order to be cleared to rent it. Pretty stupid, right? Like, if we had it, we would have just bought it! Or, do you have equipment, but you don't use it that often and you could actually use a few extra bucks? And yea I get it, it's scary to just pass your gear off to some jackass for a few dollars because they could drop it somewhere and you have to turn into Joe Pesci just to get your money back and possibly even ruining a friendship. I get it, and apparently, so does KitSplit.


Like, you could go big and rent a Red Dragon camera for $800/day or a Canon T3i for $25/day. It's like an AirBnB for people who want to rent gear or rent out film gear - from the small stuff to the epic stuff. What I mean by that is that if God forbid anything happened to your gear, you're covered by their insurance and they would deal with situation from there.


So, the basic idea is that they are pretty much connecting people with the gear and mediating that whole process. What's also cool is that the prices actually aren't all that bad. I've seen cameras going for like $15 per day. I've seen people who don't make much spend more than that arbitrarily, so here's something that it could be used for in a constructive way. And no judgement here about that. Like, if you have but so much left over from your check after bills and you're not some investment &saving guru, it can be challenging to actually answer the question of "so, wtf CAN I buy with what I have". I think the peeps at KitSplit understands also.


All the equipment and stuff is categorized and on the side of the screen (similar to Amazon or something). You choose the category from things like cameras, camera kits, lighting, sound, all the way to things like editing studios. Yea I said editing studios. You can rent out your space to be an editing studio! You can sort everything by price or whatever criteria, and the support team is actually really responsive. They are currently based in NYC, but definitely feel free to make a posting for whatever area you live in.

I'm sharing this, because I want to live in a world where more people in my community are able to access the information and resources and people needed to reach their goals. We all win that way. For all I know, you and I might end up working on a film project together and will be using this site to get what we need. Or, I might end up renting from you here somehow. See what I mean?

The Founders

KitSplit Staff.jpg

So, take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Written by Quinton Counts

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