About Us

Wolfset Productions is an event and content production firm. We specialize in event production and management, DJ Services, and merch design. 

The operating founder is Winston,NC-born and East Harlem-raised, Quinton Counts. With years of experience in event management and production, The term "WolfSet" was originated by a group of friends in Taft Projects in Harlem during the late 90s as a way to express our pride in how their culture of protecting one-another resemble wolves, whom can thrive either in a pack, or alone.


Growing up around this, the name WolfSet Production came about as a reminder of the lessons and wisdom that came about in harlem in the face of gentrification. the name also developed into a reminder to honors the individual aspirations, creativity, and goals of the people involved as well as the companies, rather than choosing one over the other. We believe in treating our teammates with dignity and humanity and not objectifying people in ways that we were conditioned to as a result of capitalism. 


" I am fascinated by how content and events and can inspire, inform, and empower people. It can also bring people across the socio-economic spectrum into a single room or dialogue, and/or experience emotional contagion together. I am also fascinated by how the skills in social services can make an impact in vulnerable communities.

This fascination began when I began asking questions about what I've seen and experienced in my hometown of Harlem, NY. It's now my mission to leverage my skills and experience to assist in equipping and inspiring those who look to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Social work, information technology, and content/events are the route that I chose to do that. Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions."

- Quinton Counts, WolfSet Productions


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Feel free to reach out if you ever want to see if we can create and make an impact together!